CoLab Media Pitch Criteria

Who Can Enter?

We welcome all endeavors of the artistic community, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Podcasts

  • Film (scripts, research

  • Animation projects

  • Music

  • Books

  • Graphic novels


Pitch Requirements


  • $75 submission fee (or General Admission ticket)

  • Pitch deck that includes

    • Logline

    • Executive Summary

    • Introduction to team

    • Budget Breakdown

    • Distribution Plan

    • Cost projection calendar if you should win

  • Read and agree to Terms & Conditions


All incomplete entries are invalid; no refunds. Additional visual aids, scripts, etc. are strongly encouraged.


What happens after I submit?

  • You will receive a confirmation email. 

  • The finalist will be notified by XXXX date.

  • Finalist Packet will be given to the judges the day before the pitch competition for review. 


Who are the judges?

  • The finalists will be chosen by a panel of CoLab staff. 

  • Judges:


What will the Pitch Competition be like?

  • The finalist will go in alphabetical order by last name.

  • 7-minute presentation

  • 5-minute Q&A  w/ Judges 

  • A/V will be available for visual aids (Deadline for presentation material is due by XXXXX)

  • A panel of judges and an audio vote will determine winners

  • The audience will vote through an online tool after each presentation

  • Judges will deliberate in a separate room away from the audience and finalists 

  • Judges have the final say on winners

  • Winners will be announced and take photos with CoLab Staff

  • The heart of the competition is educational, so following the competition, the judges are willing to provide feedback on pitches to each finalist


What will I be judged on?

  • Clarity

  • Business plan

  • Financial breakdown 

  • Demonstrates realistic ability to implement the plan

  • Introduction of the team and its expertise

  • Creativity 

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the audience

  • Told a good story

  • Provided visual aids

  • Communicated intentions of the funds if selected


See judges scorecard (Clickable link to PDF)


What are the awards?

  • The awards are set up as a limited investment. (ROI percentage breakdown)

  • Non-profits and projects for charity will be except ROI percentage.

  • Add Email notes from Finalist Email  

  • Award amounts

    • $20,000 + all expenses paid attendance to CoLab Film & Media + opportunity to judge at 2022 Film & Media pitch

    • $10,000 + GA ticket for 2022 event

    • $5,000 + GA ticket for 2022 event


What if I win?

Cost projection calendar will become terms of MOU between the winner and CoLab

  • Checks will be disbursed following agreement 

  • Percentage of ROI to CoLab will be in on the honor system

  • We encourage you to share your experience and project updates to Colab attendees by presenting at the following Colab event and through a submitted video for promotional use. 

  • The Award winner will be invited to judge at the next Colab pitch event.

  • You will also be required to send us a 1099 and you are responsible for your own tax libality. 


If you have any additional questions, please email










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